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Main » 2012 » June » 29 » Ventzislava Kenarova (Kenarova MnML)
  Her name is Ventzislava Kenarova. She's been creating music for an year now and she's doing it only for her own sake. In her words, "I wouldn't sell my music for money!".
  Born and raised in the city of Veliko Turnovo, she's been listening to minimal techno her entire life. "Not to be mistaken with the so called "house", which I can't stand!" - she says.
  An year ago she hears the sound of Daegon and finds one entirely different style of minimal, named Dark Minimal. "Daegon, Tiari, Felix Lorusso, Kamika, Hefty, Boris Breja, TRUCI, Matador IE are some of the biggest names in this genre and I always strive to their sound. Dandi & Ugo, Angy Kore and the whole Italo Business are those who inspired me to mix."


  "С музика се занимавам от една година, както вече отбелязах, за удоволствие. Иначе откакто се помня слушам минимал техно (да не се бърка с т.нар. "хаус", който не понасям). Преди една година чух как звучи Daegon и разбрах, че съществува съвсем различен стил: Dark Minimal. Daegon, Tiari, Felix Lorusso, Kamika, Hefty, Boris Breja, TRUCI, Matador IE са майсторите в този стил и се стремя към тяхното звучене. Dandi & Ugo, Angy Kore и целия Italo Business са тези, които ме вдъхновиха да миксирам."


Kenarova MnML

Views: 998 | Added by: smladenoff | Tags: kenarova, Dark, MNML, boris breja, veni, ventzislava, dandi, ugo, italo business, Minimal | Rating: 5.0/1


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